1-to-1 Executive Coaching Programmes

Executive Coaching Programme 

Alexander Associates brings together some of the leading Executive Coaches working across South East Asia today. Our leadership coaches are highly focused on working with you to achieve your organisational goals and to ensure your leaders stay fully aligned with your strategic targets.

Why Choose 1-to-1 Executive Coaching?

Professional leaders are like professional athletes, they have a great deal of talent… but every athlete knows that a great coach can take them on to the next level.

Leaders today face more pressures and challenges than ever before due to the rapidly changing global marketplace created by the Digital Revolution.

Leadership can often feel like a lonely position and stress can build up, getting in the way of achieving that next level of peak performance. Often the one thing that will make the difference is to provide your leaders with the support of a highly-skilled Executive Coach.

Our specialist coaches provide a very positive support solution that will energise your executives, directors and managers. Our internationally developed coaching system is designed to give your leaders the space to gain new clarity, vision and confidence on how to meet their business goals and lead their teams to new levels of performance success.

Our 1-to-1 coaching programmes involve a combination of executive coaching sessions and developing a working understanding of the structure and benefits of leadership coaching.

A recent survey by Gallup asked the question – what percentage of employees JUST GIVE the MINIMUM EFFORT required? 

The answer… 53% –  MORE THAN HALF, and THEY’RE only the ones who ADMITTED TO doing as LITTLE WORK as possible each day. Think about that… how much are companies PAYING FOR but NOT GETTING in terms of PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITABILITY? 

Research in the Harvard Business Review recently recognised that old styles of management are now being CONSISTENTLY OUT-PERFORMED and replaced by a far more engaging form of leadership: coaching.

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